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How you might be overdosing on your medicines without realizing it!

Imagine a time when you are driving through the beach-view hill, and you just recall it is your parents’ medicine time. You want to call them up and remind them, but the network is not available! The situation gets scary - but not anymore! Redicine has got your back! There are times we forget to take our medicines on schedule, and we feel guilty and negligent about it. It is a common human tendency and happens to almost all of us. To not let our mind and body go through an unhealthy experience and to make up for this guilt, we take them at inappropriate and unusual hours. We have all been there, and we have all done that.

As emotional beings, we have the notion that it is just alright to take our medication up to 3-4 hours earlier or later than prescribed. The populist belief here is that it would not cause any trouble or harm and that it is just normal. Well, that’s not the case, dear. Consuming medicines off-schedule or not as prescribed by your Doctor, might just result in an accidental overdose or underdose - both of which can be harmful and damaging to your body.

While on medication, we need to understand that the drug we are putting inside our body is its food to heal and recover. Over-dosage, under-dosage, or no dosage at all, may imply that the morbidity or the disease condition may build a resistance to the medication or take longer intervals to recover. In extreme cases, there may arise fatal conditions, or you might just add additional unhealthy days to your life.

Medicines can help you get better and recover but at times have side effects and risks. Certain medications can be addictive or induce damaging consequences, in both the shorter and longer-run. In cases with co-morbidities, multiple drug-intake may imply that a particular medicine may come with a “yin and yang” factor in itself!

An overdose is deemed accidental if you take the medication by mistake, consume the wrong medicine, or don’t follow your Doctor’s prescription. Numerous risks are associated with overdosing on medications, most commonly - shallow breathing, snoring, gurgling and unresponsive organs which might become a major factor leading to death over time. Redicine will support you consume your medicines on time.

According to HeathDirect, opioids, including potent medications like oxycodone and fentanyl, are the most frequent cause of deadly unintentional overdoses in Australia. Overdoses from prescription opioids cause more fatalities than overdoses from heroin. The risk is significantly higher if you use alcohol, benzodiazepines like diazepam and alprazolam, sedating antidepressants, or antipsychotic medications.

Medication safety is crucial, and taking precautions is essential to avoid unpleasant side effects, overdose, and death. Non-compliance costs our healthcare system and taxpayers money and impacts individual patients and their loved ones with their lives! Don’t allow your loved ones to suffer due to incorrect medicine dosage.

"Medication without Harm" is WHO's third global patient safety challenge. The patient's health may deteriorate, the risk of disease progression may increase, and hospital stays may lengthen due to incorrect dosage or abrupt medication withdrawal. Your “Quality Adjusted Life Years [QALYs]” would decrease due to this and this simply means you may end up spending a lot of your time and resources on your healthcare expense.

The human body is a single structure composed of billions of smaller structures; it performs numerous functions for you, at the absolute least, you should take your medicines on time. Some people refuse to take their prescribed medications because they worry about the adverse effects or find the elaborate regimens challenging to follow, and they have their own reasons. Redicine wants to help you save your valuable and hard-earned money. Redicine’s intelligent pill-box is at your disposal to never miss medicines again and put your life at risk! The Redicine pill box is not only aesthetically designed but is also equipped with the latest technology and comes with spacious compartments to accommodate your monthly dosage. With the convenience of enormous capacity, you have audio-visual reminders available. You can just let your loved ones know to watch out for the LEDs, or hear the buzzers - and grab their pills on time always! Now, you can even insert an entire strip of medicine in just one compartment and be assured of your monthly dosage! Jump on to Redicine Medsol, and grab your device NOW!

ReMed+ makes it easy, you just need to connect the device to your smartphone, insert your prescription, and the pillbox will keep reminding you with a buzzing sound and LED that it's time to take your medicines. It is not only just that app you would use to connect the ReMed+ to your phone that would also provide you with additional features, including adherence reports and daily health tips. To know more about the device and its unique features, visit Redicine medsol.

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