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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Redicine Medsol is a healthcare enabler driven by social impact and powered by lean innovation. We want to support every individual on this planet in achieving good health and well-being. We do this by addressing WHO’s third global patient safety challenge of medication error. We provide intelligent and easy solutions to manage your medication and vital supplement consumption. Our pill boxes can be linked to your mobile phone to enable healthcare at your fingertips. Our medication and supplement management systems are deeply user-centred.
Redicine pill boxes help you organise your vitals seamlessly, store them safely, remind you to consume the correct ones at the correct times and provide you with an adherence report by tracking your usage pattern. With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a week, the inaugural products include a compact version for those on the run and life-in-a-suitcase and a bigger version that comes with 5 spacious compartments. We provide a truly intelligent end-to-end medication and nutrition supplement management solution.
Our pill boxes are equipped with audio-visual reminder systems including LEDs, an e-paper display (helps save your precious eyesight from the harmful blue-light radiation) and a buzzer! Redicine is a mission-driven high-impact company fundamentally aligned with the core values of holistic inclusivity, societal impact and social innovation. With our headquarters in Ahmedabad, we currently enable healthier and happier lives pan-India.

Our Story

In the winter of 2020, a dear friend was suffering from a chronic ailment. Her life was supported heavily by intense medicines. Despite having multiple caretakers around, we realized at times, her correct medication adherence would default!
This is a case of life and death with potentially higher morbidity levels and fatal consequences. Sadly, she is not the only one, but millions worldwide sail in the same boat. This marked the birth of Redicine as a bridge to solve medication error; what WHO’s calls its third global patient safety challenge. 

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