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The Fatal Problem

Medication error costs $42 billion USD every year.

Medication non-adherence accounts for 50% of chronic treatment failures


Medicines don't work if patients don't take them in the first place. And this seriously impacts the patient outcome more than the specific treatment itself. Medication adherence, unfortunately, is a widespread problem, especially among patients with chronic diseases.

According to WHO, medication non-adherence accounts for 50% of chronic treatment failures, around 125,000 deaths, and up to 25% of hospitalizations every year. The annual cost of this lethal issue is estimated to be $42 billion. Besides all these, medication non-adherence also proves to severely impact health outcomes, total healthcare expenses, and quality of life


Medical error is WHO’s 3rd
Global Patient Safety Challenge.

That’s why Redicine steps in.

A revolutionary solution to the challenging medical non-adherence, Redicine is the ideal device that works in tandem with a hardware gadget and a software app to provide a hassle-free reminder to the patients of their medical doses.



Increasing the medication 

adherence rate up to 92%

Empower the hearing impaired with LED reminders for their adherence up to 90%.

Increasing adherence for visually challenged patients from 20% to more than 90%.

Adherence Rate

It's frustrating. I didn't take my medicine on time, and as a result, my medical expenses are high. 

One day

"I had to visit hospital because I missed taking pills many times."


Adherence Rate

I just focused on taking medicines on time, which increased my well being and saved $3152/year.

One day

"I took my grandkids to playground.
They had fun."


30% of medicine-related hospital admissions occur due to medication nonadherence.


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We have taken special care in providing you with a holistic solution so you do not miss out on any of your medicines and heal as swiftly as you can!



The smart pill box like never before

The aesthetically designed Redicine pillbox is equipped with the latest technology and comes with spacious compartments to accommodate as many medicines as prescribed to you.

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